Dances of Universal Peace, 2018

                                                 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2018
                            1:00-2:30 P.M.
                              In the Fellowship Hall


This month’s Dance celebrates the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the "darker half" of the year, as we approach the ancient Celtic festival which we now know as Halloween. In the great ceremonial wheel of the year, Samhain (SAH-wen) is the night outside of time when the veil between the worlds is thinnest and the spirit world is most accessible.  

Sacred dance and chant drawn from a variety of the world's

spiritual traditions will be led by upstate dance leaders,

Amina Linda McMakin and Dove Pettit.

All are welcome! No prior experience needed,
all dances are taught in the moment.
Live,  acoustic music!
Bring a friend and a snack to share (optional) after the dance.
$5 suggested donation will be shared with UUFC.
For more info, contact Amina Linda at
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~ LAST WED. EACH MONTH – Healing Ritual of Hazrat Inayat Khan, 203 Willimon Dr., Piedmont, SC.  10:30-11:15 a.m. This monthly service, led by Amina Linda McMakin and Noorunnissa Nancy Schlessel, is an inter-spiritual absent healing ritual with prayers for people who are not present. Names of people submitted must have requested healing prayers and should include first, last, and middle names if known. For more information about this service, directions, or to include a name for our list if you can't be with us, please contact Nancy Noor at 352-650-2931 or email nanplaygo@aol.comPlease RSVP if coming.
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Weekly Interspiritual Chanting Circle
Oct-Dec. meetings cancelled.
Will resume in January.

   The Joy of Chant is an interfaith group meeting weekly for the purpose of experiencing sound, music and chant as common experience of prayer. This form of prayer transcends words. Praying in song and chant creates an experience that is beyond the distinctions and differences which divide humans.  Each session will be a deepening experience in one’s faith and a deepening in appreciation for the faith of others.
   Each participant is welcomed to lead a chant, as we will use a shared leadership model. This model allows the diversity of each chanter's life experience and gives voice to the spirituality dancing in one's heart.  Those who host and sponsor will create a space for spontaneous participation. So if you feel called to lead a chant, it will enhance the atmosphere. Still many may simply sit in calm abiding; some sing as well. Musical instruments will be welcome but not considered essential.
   The chanting will be followed by fellowship over snacks. Everyone is welcome! Come when you can. There will be weekly email and Facebook reminders, including any details such as special themes.
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THE DANCES OF UNIVERSAL PEACE are simple, meditative, joyous multi-circle dances using sacred phrases, music, chanting, and simple movements from the many traditions of the Earth to touch the spiritual essence within ourselves and others.  Based on the work begun in the late 1960's by American mystic, Samuel L. Lewis, they promote peace and integration within individuals and groups worldwide.  There are no performers or audience. No prior experience is needed! 
Come! Join hands and experience peace–within and without.
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