Amina’s Dance Booklets and CDs


AMINA'S DANCES – This collection of Dances covers a variety of spiritual traditions and includes Dances that have come through over a period of years. A CD companion to the dance booklet is also available. Publ. 2007.   Booklet:   $12.50; CD:  $7.50.  Go to this link for an audio sample of "Ahavah Raba Ahavtanu."     Sample MP3 file




DANCING WITH MARY MAGDALENE – Amina’s cycle of dances inspired by Mary Magdalene  with an accompanying CD. Publ. 2010. Dance booklet or CD:  $16 each  Buy as a set: $30. 2nd revised edition, printed in 2013.  For previous purchasers, the new edition is available for only $5 + postage! Go to this link for an audio sample of one of the dances, Light and Fire and Spirit. 





YA MARYAM:  DANCING WITH THE DAUGHTER AND THE MOTHER  – Amina's cycle of dances continues in her second collection, inspired by Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary.  Publ. 2013. Booklet: $15; CD:  $12.  Buy as a set: $25.  Go to this link for an audio sample.  M'Barek Hu Pira



DANCING WITH MARY MAGDALENE:  DAUGHTER OF THE LIGHT – More chants and dances inspired by Mary Magdalene.  Publ. July 2017. 8-1/2 x 11, spiral binding. $12.50; CD: $16. Buy as a set:  $28.  Click on this link for an audio sample of Miriam Nukva Or.



Estimated Postage
($3.99 postage for one item only, or $4.99 for two. Please contact Amina for cost of multiple copies).

Work in Progress Amina's Dances, Vol. 2. 

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Contact Amina Linda McMakin at (864)787-2871


Amina Recording 010-revAmina in her home studio.