Chanting the Sayings of Mary Magdalene

This 'Secret Gospel of Mary' is composed of selected sayings attributed to St. Mary Magdalene in the oral tradition of Sophian Gnosticism. On the one hand, these sayings are inspired by the Anointed Bride and, on the other hand, they are drawn from the Gnostic legends of an oral tradition that has existed a long time. It is always this way when speaking or writing from an oral tradition; the telling of the tales is constantly changing with the inspiration of the Spirit each moment brings. This is why oral tradition is highly prized among Sophians, because it remains vibrant and alive. Yet, placing something of the oral tradition in writing extends the light of the Bride beyond our circles and allows others to glimpse the image of the Anointed Bride, St. Mary Magdalene, as she is beheld by Sophians. Today many are seeking knowledge of St. Mary Magdalene, so it seems that the Mother Spirit calls us to let her voice be heard. In honor of the Mother Spirit and Kallah Messiah (the Anointed Bride) we offer these sayings in her name, as a gift given freely to all, and pray they are a blessing and inspiration to all who receive them. (Collected and published by Tau Malachi Eben Ha-Elijah. The entire Secret Gospel of Mary can be found at; and in "St. Mary Magdalene: The Gnostic Tradition of the Holy Bride," by Tau Malachi, pub. Llewellyn Worldwide, 2006. Used with permission.)
NOTE FROM AMINA: For those of you who are familiar with my Dancing with Mary Magdalene dances, you will already have been introduced to these profound teachings of Mary Magdalene, offered to us freely through the work of Tau Malachi of the Sophian Fellowship ( Throughout my journey with Mary since March 2008, when the first dance came through, these sayings have been a source of inspiration and guidance. In December 2015, I began to feel an urging from Mary in the form of composing music to some of these sayings.  I believe that this is the next "assignment" she has given me  as a way to delve more deeply into the mysteries contained in her message.  
I invite you to chant along with me and see where Mary takes you. As she says in Saying #140:  "Invite her (the Holy Bride) and welcome her.  She will come to you and reveal herself to you."
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