Amina’s Story of the Magdalene Dance Cycle

Miriam of Magdala is currently re-emerging in books, new translations of the Gnostic gospels, TV specials, film, art, music…and dance!  Through her messages to those who hear, she speaks of the power of the natural balance of the masculine and feminine as a most sacred healing balm (The Heart of Love, by Gail Swanson).  She has come to teach us of the profound mysteries of the sacred marriage and the awakening of the Divine Feminine.
Ancient Gnostic scriptures point to a belief that Mary Magdalene might have been the consort or wife of Yeshua (Jesus), and that it was she to whom He revealed the fullness of His teachings.  In this context, she is often referred to as the “Apostle of the Apostles.”  Mary now seems to have  awakened out of a long, imposed sleep, calling us to “Come!”—to walk forth and share the joyful good news of our own true spirit as we begin our own journey back home.
Amina’s unexpected journey  with Mary Magdalene began during the 2008 Lent and Easter season. Led to reread “The Gospel of Mary Magdalene,” by Jean-Yves Leloup, she found herself experiencing the story of Jesus and Mary’s relationship anew, as though she was an observer of the events leading up to and beyond the crucifixion.  Inspiration drew her to create, one by one, a cycle of Dances that captured teachings and stories from the life of Miriam of Magdala. Throughout this process, it was as though Mary had been waiting for Amina to recognize her, and the response was at once exhilarating, intense, and all-consuming…and continues to be so! 
The Mary Magdalene Cycle of Dances evolved as Dances inspired by Mary continued to come though Amina. They are composed in the tradition of the Dances of Universal Peace—simple circle dances using sacred phrases and holy names from the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Spiritual walks are also drawn from the tradition, using walking meditations and spiritual practice to embody the qualities of both Maryam and Yeshua, the Bride and Bridegroom. Amina began to introduce the Mary Dances at public Dances of Universal Peace meetings throughout 2008; and in 2009 she created the first experiential “Dancing with Mary Magdalene” workshop, combining ceremony, meditation, walks, and teachings with the Dance cycle.
For many who hear her call, Mary has come to represent the liberation of the Divine Feminine.  Amina offers these Dances as a doorway—whether in individual practice or in dance community—through which one may encounter the vibrant, eternal energy of  the "Inheritor of the Light.” They reflect both Amina’s tribute to Mary as well as her own journey into the Magdalene mysteries.  Perhaps, through the embodiment of the Dances, we may reach a deeper awareness of Miriam of Magdala’s story—a story whose time has finally come!