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2nd Annual Virtual Feast Day Celebration!
Friday & Saturday, July 23-24
Saturday, Dec. 4, 2021
An Advent Journey with 
the Daughter and the Mother
at the Raleigh, NC monthly virtual dance
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 Our 12th Annual Dancing with Mary Magdalene Retreat met on Zoom this year due to the Covid 19 virus social distancing requirements. We started the event on Friday evening, July 17 and continued on Saturday, July 18 for the day. Our theme was The Divine Union:  Finding the natural balance of the masculine and feminine through Yeshua and Maryam. Please enjoy the YouTube video of our event below.
Mary's Saying #239 – "There is a mystery to be played out through manhood and womanhood; yet, truly, I tell you, it is concealed by male and female."
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Here are some photos from our glorious retreat which took place at the Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, NC in July, 2019
Dancing with the Daughter and the Mother
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11th BLOG PAGE – MARCH 8, 2018
The big news is all about our 10 years of Dancing with Mary Magdalene!  I plan to send out a couple of "remembrance" blogs each month leading up to the Feast Day week-end July 20-22, happening right here in upstate SC!  I'll be launching the CD that accompanies my latest collection of dances, "Dancing with Mary Magdalene:  Daughter of the Light," published July 2017.  Big plans are being made to make it a memorable event for all you Maryam devotees!  Stay tuned!

From one of the new dances, "Nukva Shekinah" – Mary's sayings, #48, in part: "….sing and dance and rejoice, for it is to those who abide in joy that the Shekinah comes, and it is through her that you will enter the bridal chamber."
Don't forget to go to https://marychants.bandcamp.com/ to listen to “Chanting the Sayings of Mary Magdalene.”  This is a work in progress, so new postings are made periodically.
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10th BLOG PAGE – OCTOBER 8, 2017
Please join me this month in a beautiful Harvest moon practice shared by Sheikah Farrunnissa Rosa, my beloved Sufi Guide and Dances of Universal Peace Mentor.
Beloved Sisters of the Smile, 
Thursday, Oct. 6, at 2:40pm ET was the powerful Harvest Full Moon. Mother Moon was brilliantly radiant last night, and is now rising in the night sky like Venus, silvery with a glorious glow…
This Moon is called Harvest Moon because it's the Full Moon closest to Autumn Equinox. The Harvest Moon's brilliant illumination has made it possible for harvesting to continue in the fields well into the evening for as long as there have been harvests in the Northern Hemisphere. The First Nations call this Moon, Corn Maker Moon, Nut Moon, Barley Moon, Singing Moon, Yellow Leaf Moon, and Mulberry Moon.
This Full Moon's still-magnificent brightness pulses with the sacred time of Balance from the Equinox just past. And as the Moon folds in toward Her newness, we will journey through Samhain, the sacred Cross Quarter midway between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice, the original celebration of Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day which is called Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) in Latina cultures. 
At this time of Harvest, let's renew The Smile of Magdalena, reconnecting with our commitment to empower and express our own Feminine Wisdom and Feminine Power with joy and confidence, continuing our journey toward being fully heard, fully seen, fully felt, fully known, for the benefit of all beings. So valuable and so necessary, now more than ever…
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Renewal of The Smile of Magdalena 
* We prepare an altar that celebrates gratefulness for the Harvest, choosing symbols, pictures, and/or objects that invoke this powerful season of gathering what is ripe and nourishing. 
* We also reconnect with Sacred Water — preparing a container of sacred water for this time of renewal and placing it on the altar.
* If we like, we wear a large diaphanous veil covering head and shoulders. The veil invokes the Mystery of the Feminine, helping us turn our focus inward, while also providing a transformed view of the world around us.
* In the light of the Moon, we drum! If we cannot drum in the Light of the Moon, we light a candle and place a small mirror next to the candle to call on the Moon's presence and blessing as we renew.
* As we drum, we reconnect with our intention and commitment to express with joy and confidence our own wisdom and power as women, continuing our journey toward being fully heard, fully seen, fully felt, fully known, for the blessing and benefit of all beings and of our Mother Earth. With each passing day, our wise voices and strong presence is needed as we intentionally engage all the way from the inner planes to the local community to our global family! So Mote It Be!
* We invoke the Feminine Names of Power that resonate within, and perhaps even more names — invoking mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, teachers, friends, wise women, women of power, Goddesses, Great Mother Archetypes including Mother Earth Herself, and all those we want to call on to travel with us, supporting and inspiring us as we journey toward our own ever-growing expression of Empowered Feminine.
* Then we spend some time summoning the forces of Nature around us in this sacred season transitioning from burgeoning growth to rest and ease. We open to the blessings of harvest home and the grace of Plenty. We honor the harvested gifts of our own authentic expression, our Truth, our True Being, experiencing them as nourishment for ourselves and all our relations. 
* As we renew, the Muse may inspire us with new rhythms or songs, so let's have a journal or recorder handy. 
* With the Sacred Water that is now recharged with Moon-Light, with drum-prayers, with the energy of our renewed intention, and Nature's powerful Life-Force, we retrace the empowering, blessed Smile on our forehead, throat, heart, womb-basket, hands, feet, and elsewhere as inspired.   
* We offer the rest of the Sacred Water as a libation-offering, poured out on the Earth or into a living body of water, so our gratitude, prayers, affirmations, intentions, remembrances, and invocations go out into Mother Nature's vast witnessing and tender loving care, and from there, rise up to return as refreshing showers of blessing and transformation to all things and all beings. 
* * * * * * * * * * * * * 
A reminder that we are all empowered to share the initiation of The Smile of Magdalena and our shared monthly renewal ritual with anyone as we are inspired — now and in the future. 
May our continuing connection with the power of Mother Nature bless us and heal us, and bless and heal all our human kin! May our intention for the well-being and thriving of ourselves and all our relations go out with the Sacred Water of our shared renewal, and spread over all the planet! 
May all beings be well! May all beings be happy! May all beings be free! Peace! Peace! Peace!
Loving, Drumming, Smiling, and Remembering,  
She changes everything She touches
and everything She touches, changes.
  — Starhawk's song to Kore, the Maiden
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
9th BLOG PAGE – MARCH 6, 2017
2017 marks the 9th year (Novena!) of Dancing with Mary Magdalene and deepening in the understanding of her important message of the balance of the masculine and feminine energies.  It was March 2008 during the Lenten season that I began receiving the dances inspired by Maryam; and now, on the eve of the 10th year of this work, I have realized that the form of the work is changing for me.
Due to some ongoing health challenges, in 2017 I will be limiting the amount of traveling I do to present DMM events.  However, I want to offer one last opportunity for Dance Leaders to deepen their attunement to this work in order to bring these dances to their dance circles and other venues.  Therefore, I am proposing a gathering of dance leaders and dancers for a week-end of dance, chant, walks, meditation, ritual, and spiritual practice using the dances and chants that have been inspired throughout these past years.
I am tentatively scheduling this event for the week-end of Mary’s Feast Day, Friday, July 21- Sunday, July 23, 2017 in Durham, NC.  Sunday morning will be devoted to leading for feedback for any dance leaders wishing to do so.
BONUS:  Volume 2 of Dancing with Mary Magdalene will be available for purchase at this event.  It includes dances that have come through since the publication of “Dancing with the Daughter and the Mother” in 2013; plus selections from “Chanting the Sayings of Mary Magdalene,” which I began composing in December 2016.
I would welcome hearing from you if you’re interested in attending the July event.  A detailed flyer will be forthcoming in the next month or so.
Ya Maryam!
NEWS! Go to https://marychants.bandcamp.com/ to listen to “Chanting the Sayings of Mary Magdalene.”  This is a work in progress, so new postings are made periodically.
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8th BLOG PAGE – OCT. 31, 2016
Samhain/Halloween falls on October 31st, which is forty days after the autumnal equinox and marks our descent into the underworld. Now we must come face to face with the shadows and all the unconscious life within us. While this is really a pagan and secular festival, it corresponds to our liturgical observance of the dead, because the need to face death is great in us. In looking at the dark underworld of our being, we perform the sacred task of redeeming the lost, forgotten parts of ourselves and of humanity. Only by so doing will we be able to grasp the energy needed to accomplish the great tasks of life. This is a time to loosen our rational hold on conscious shadows, ever keeping one eye on our further aims of greater consciousness. (The Gnostic Calendar, www.gnosis.org)
During this season, Mary may be accessed through Kali Kallah, the Dark Bride.
Saying 110:  Mary said to her disciples, “Kali Kallah appears black to those who do not know her, yet to those who love her and who draw near she is white brilliance.  Her image is as the starry night sky, and the light of the heavens and Supernal Abode are in her.  To pass beyond you must enter her embrace, even as the Lord embraced her. ”
Listen to Amina's Mary Chant, Kali Kallah on the link below.
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7th BLOG PAGE – SEPT. 8, 2016
The Descent of the Holy Sophia falls on September 8th. In the Roman calendar this day celebrates the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and prefigures the sacred birth of Jesus. In the Gnostic tradition, part of Sophia returns to the aeons, to her true home, and part of her being symbolically returns to the lower regions or to earth. She comes to earth to be with us, her children, to be our consolation and the inspiration of our love. By this image we have the promise that we are not left alone in our darkness but have Sophia's abiding presence in our lives. (The Gnostic Calendar, www.gnosis.org.)
Mary (Magdalene) was speaking to her companions. She said, “Everything that is above is in you here below. The light of the heavens and Supernal Abode is in you, and the essence of the Perfect Aeon. Let Logos and Sophia embrace in you and you will behold great wonders, and nothing will be impossible to you, for what is above will be brought down below and what is below will be lifted above. Praise the Lord!” (The Secret Gospel of Mary, Saying #113; Tau Malachi,www.sophian.org)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
8th BLOG PAGE – MARCH 7, 2016

Walking Forth
This morning in meditation, I saw Miriam of Magdala in a vision.  I was focusing on the music and movements of the “title song” in my second collection of Magdalene dances, “Ya Maryam,” dancing it as a benediction.  I was using two phrases for each partner, and suddenly felt the presence of a dark-ish woman with long, straight black hair at my right shoulder, dressed in a simple, smock-like red dress, almost pushing past me to get to the next partner, urging me on.  My immediate reaction was “What’s going on here?  Who are you?” and then I shifted to dancing with one phrase for each partner, and she was no longer there.  I realized then that it was Mary’s powerful presence that I had felt and seen!  It reminded me of how near and accessible she is, and has been since I stood under her mantle eight years ago. 
In December, I began to feel inspiration to put music to some of the sayings of Mary found in Tau Malachi’s “Secret Gospel of Mary Magdalene.”  These teachings have been a resource and inspiration for many of the dances that have come through, but I hadn’t felt any clarity around what part “Chanting the Sayings of Mary Magdalene” would play in the overall presentation of this work.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve been struggling with whether to continue on with the work of Dancing with Mary Magdalene in its current form; and I believe this morning’s experience was the “sign” I had been asking for!  Do the work – walk forth and “…(worship God) with tears and laughter, and in all that you do, and with song and dance, and in every way the Spirit inspires.” (Saying # 65, in part)
Ya Maryam Benediction
O Mary, Miriam of Magdala,
Holy Bride, Daughter of the Light,
Be at my right shoulder as I walk forth
In the Infinite Light,
And bless me with your eternal presence.
(Photo removed at request of the artist.)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

5th BLOG PAGE – SEPT. 9, 2015
Descent of the Holy Sophia
Dark madonna
The Descent of the Holy Sophia falls on Sept. 8th. In the Roman calendar this day celebrates the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and prefigures the sacred birth of Jesus. In the Gnostic tradition, part of Sophia returns to the aeons, to her true home, and part of her being symbolically returns to the lower regions or to earth. She comes to the earth to be with us, her children, to be our consolation and the inspiration of our love. By this image, we have the promise that we are not left alone in our darkness but have
Sophia's abiding presence in our lives. (From "The Gnostic Calendar," www.gnosis.org)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
4th BLOG PAGE – AUG. 23, 2015
Amina began the workshop with a seated introduction,
then led the first four dances of the Mary Magdalene dance cycle.
Amina and Farrunnissa led several Mary dances
and a few of Amina’s other original dances at the
regular evening dance meeting.
The Workshop Dance Circle posing lake-side during the afternoon break.  Ya Maryam!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
3RD BLOG PAGE – JULY 29, 2015
The 6th annual Mary Magdalene feast day Team at Altarwas presented by Amina and co-leader,
Farrunnissa Rosa on Saturday, July 18, at the home of Nancy Noorunnissa Schlessel in Piedmont, SC. 
Twelve women gathered to "eat, dance and pray together" to honor Mary and Mother Mary with A Day of Dancing with the Daughter and the Mother. Amina and Farrunnissa led dances from both dance collections, and Amina introduced two new dances and a meditative chant in the afternoon session. 
F&A-UWS Altar
After a delicious potluck dinner in the midst of a terrific thunderstorm, the evening session began with the Universal Worship Service honoring the Great Mother, followed by singing Amina's Invocation to the Great Mother, and a Mother Mary dance concentration.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   
2ND BLOG PAGE – JUNE 11, 2015
The beautiful Smokey Mtns.We had a glorious day for the drive up to Johnson City, TN last Saturday, June 6, through the Great Smokey Mtn. foothills where I presented an Introduction to Dancing with Mary Magdalene workshop for 16 women seeking to experience Mary’s energy through ritual and dance. 
Spirit and the Bride
ost were newcomers, and it’s always exciting to share my journey with Mary with new dancers.  Our gracious hostess, Rabia Rebecca Nunley, provided a beautiful space in her Lotus Room, and we’re making plans now for a return next year!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Welcome to the first Dancing with Mary Magdalene blog page! 
March 22, 2014
        ~ ~ ~
Six years ago TODAY, March 22, 2008, the first dance inspired by Mary Magdalene came through quite unexpectedly, as “Miriam,” the beginning of a journey that continues to unfold with each passing year.  The story continues below….
~ ~ ~
Mark your calendars!  Saturday, July 26, 2014,  is the tentative date set for Mary’s annual feast day celebration in the Greenville, SC area.  Mary’s official feast day is July 22.  More details will be available in late Spring.
~ ~ ~
And, don’t forget, if you’ve previously attended a workshop (or know someone who has) and are interested in sponsoring one in your area, please feel free to call or email me.  Go to the Workshop page from the dropdown menu to see details about the different workshop formats available.
Amina Linda McMakin—(864)787-2871—e-mail:  ljmcmakin@aol.com
~ ~ ~
The Blog continues:  Earlier this month I found myself remembering the process that began with that first dance, and it felt a bit serendipitous when I looked at the calendar and saw that it was Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, the same season when the first dance came through!  The Lent and Easter seasons contain a very high vibration of energies revolving around the events in Jesus’ and Miriam of Magdala’s lives; and I’ve  noticed that Mary seems to be very close during this time, as though the veils between the worlds have become thinner.
As a result of my remembrances, several new dances have come through since Ash Wednesday on the theme of Miriam as Daughter of the Light. I will be introducing these at the annual Feast Day celebration in July! 
~  ~  ~
Here’s a bit about what’s been happening.  I’m sure most of you are aware that since 2008, Dancing with Mary Magdalene workshops have been presented at various locations, including Durham and Ashville, NC; Fredericksburg, VA; Columbus, OH; and of course, annually at my home in Pelzer, SC.  For Mary’s Feast Day in July 2013, I introduced my latest collection of Mary dances,  “Ya Maryam:  Dancing with the Daughter and the Mother.”
Here are a few words from the introduction in the dance booklet, published last year:
“While I was in the process of publishing the first booklet and CD (Dancing with Mary Magdalene), other dances had already begun to come through.  I also began to feel a strong urging from within to include dances that had been inspired by Mother Mary over the years to honor my relationship with her—and to honor the relationship that must have existed between her and Miriam of Magdala as they followed Yeshua’s path to enlightenment.” 
Sixteen women gathered for the opening Standing Stones Ritual in  which we invoked the Daughter and the Mother and welcomed them to our celebration.  The dancers came from South and North Carolina, Tennessee, and New York. The afternoon session was devoted to dancing the new dances, followed by a pot luck dinner.  After shopping at the Magdala Market, we came together again for an evening deepening session focusing on the Mother Mary dances.  At the end of the day, we found the combination of energies of the Daughter and the Mother to be very moving and sweet.
Here are some comments from some of those who attended:
~ May today’s Aquarius Full Moon which invokes ultimate freedom be a lamp on our shared path as we journey together with the Daughter and the Mother! 
~ Truly we had a wonderful day! Sending gratitude and love to all.
~ Thanks for all your beautiful work.
~  May your heart continue to be open to Magdalena’s gifts…
~ I had a deep and wonderful time yesterday.
~ Thanks for holding the Light aloft for all to Remember!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The Story of the First Dance
“Miriam” is the first dance that came through while I was reading The Gospel of Mary Magdalene by Jean-Yves Leloup.  In my reading, I came to a section entitled Miriam of Magdala, and I felt a sort of magical resonance transmitted from the page.  Perhaps because Leloup is French, images of baroque dancers in fancy dress are contained in this dance!
This first experience was like the cork being removed from the bottle!  It was the day before Easter (March 2008) and for the first time, I became aware of how strongly Miriam’s story was intertwined with Yeshua’s, and that his path was also her path.  On Easter morning, The Alabaster Jar—the second dance— came through.  (Read Dancing with Mary Magdalene for the full story.)
~ ~ ~
That’s all for now, dear Daughters of the Light.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this update; please let me know if you’d like to see something included in particular that I haven’t thought about.  I invite you to browse around the other Mary pages on this site; and please feel free to forward this link to anyone you think might be interested in Dancing with Mary Magdalene.  I look forward to hearing your stories as you travel Mary’s path!
Wishing you the blessings of the Daughter and the Mother,